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Max is a reliable name when it comes to Car Lift manufacturers and has vast experience in manufacturing car lifts to carry your highly-priced item safely. For commercial places, garages that can easily fit automobiles of different sizes, a Car Lift is a necessity. Our automotive lifts are strong, sturdy and have a high weight carrying capacity. Our safe and secure car lifts are a must-have addition to the sophisticated buildings of all types like car service centres, showrooms, godowns, and factories. The carrying capacity of our Car Lifts ranges from 1500-4000 kgs, as per your requirement.

The floor of all car lifts/loading lifts is very professionally designed to handle point load at the time of usage.

Car Lifts

Car lifts are suitable for vertical transportation and handling of passenger vehicles/loading vehicles in between floors.

They are designed to carry heavy SUVs for long and large costly/luxury cars like Mercedes. These are ideal for showroom and service centre of cars. Nowadays they are also used for personal car parking in the basement of the buildings.

Normally these are designed with both side entry or opposite entry so that one can drive the car directly from the road into the lift cabin.

These are made to handle various weather like Hot sunny days to rainy days as normally last topmost stop is on the roof for open-air parking of cars, in service centres.

Loading Auto / Public Carrier

Loading lift/ Public Carrier nowadays are also getting popular, as customers want that I should be able to load my carrier directly in one shot instead of multiple loadings and multiple unloading and stacking till the material is loaded in the carriage vehicle. It is ideal for godown. They are also very helpful if you have rented your different floors to different people so that driveway remains empty and accessible all the time.


Rickshaw lift although seem small but Rickshaw lift is very helpful if you send the material for job work outside your factory in small consignments. The appropriate size is 6 ft x 9 ft, ideal for small factories.


Bike lifts are similar to car lifts as these are meant for bike showrooms and service centres. Customers need not make any ramp in the whole showroom thereby saving a lot of space as it can be made to handle 1,2 or 3 bikes at a time and can be made on single-phase also, for small service centres.


CapacityMaximum3000 Kg
Minimum600 Kg
Lift sizeMaximum2800 mm/9 Ft.
Minimum1500 mm/5 Ft.
Height of CabinMaximum2300 mm/7.5 Ft.
No. of Entries to CabinMaximum2
No. of LandingsMaximum6
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