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What makes manual lifting hazardous? : Manual Lifts Vs Commercial lift in Delhi

Due to manual lifting, the occurrence of injury might be caused by numerous risk factors. 

The risk factors are dependent on the task and organization of the work, the worker, the  cargo, goods, material, or loads and the work environment:

Talking about the task and organization of the work, if it needs:

  • Unsteady  cargo, goods, material, or loads or unsteady body posture while handling  cargo, goods, material, or loads
  • A high proportion of work which cannot be affected by workers
  • Poor postures or movements i.e. the positions of one’s body that differ significantly from neutral positions while performing activities of work; moreover, due to this, efficiency of muscles decreases and force required to complete the task increases.
  • Inadequate recovery periods coupled with high frequency or repetition

If we talk about the  cargo, goods, material, or loads, the risks involved are because of:

  • Extremely large – a large  cargo, goods, material, or loads makes it impossible for a person to follow the basic rules of manual lifting & carrying, for example: while carrying a  cargo, goods, material, or loads a person would keep it as close to their body as deemed possible which would tire down their body muscles more rapidly; also, size or shape of the cargo, goods, material, or loads being carried may obstruct a worker’s view which would escalate the chances of the worker getting injured by falling, tripping or tumbling down.
  • Tough to grab – happening of an accident or slipping of an object can be caused by this; also, if a worker has been told to work with gloves, grabbing of the object becomes all the more difficult as compared to grabbing with bare hands. If  cargo, goods, material, or loads have share edges or hazardous material then the chances of workers being injured, escalates. Solution: to reduce the load on worker- install a goods lift for helping the worker ease their job. 
  • Extremely heavy – Though there is not a safe or non-dangerous weight limit, according to ISO-standard 11228-1 Ergonomics – Manual handling – Part 1: under ideal conditions, manual lifting and carrying lays a limit of 15 kg for women and 25 kg for men.
  • Unsteady objects or when the constituents are moveable, it leads to tiring down of body muscles and fatigue because it becomes tough to hold the center of gravity close to the body; also, a worker can lose their balance and tumble down if the constituents of the cargo, goods, material, or loads have any sudden movements. 

If the work environment has:

  • Improper or unsuited room temperature can either lead to sweating which makes it tough to grab tools, meaning that higher force must be applied or cold conditions which can make one’s fingers numb, meaning it become tough to grab the  cargo, goods, material, or loads; also, humidity or poor ventilation makes a worker feel worn down or tired.
  • If the room area to carry out work activities is inadequate, especially uprightly, that might lead to poor postures and movements.
  • Inadequate lighting either forces a worker into bad postures and positions to have a clear vision of what they are performing or escalates the chances of mishaps.
  • If the floor is unsteady or slippery with respect to a worker’s footgear or irregular flooring which escalates the chances of stumbling mishaps.
  • If the  cargo, goods, material, or loads has to be maneuvered on various floors, then variations in different levels can pose a problem. 
  • Poor or bad postures and movements caused by terrible position of the cargo, goods, material, or loads or design of the place of work.

Discussing about specific instances:

  • If one has a history of disorders relating to the muscle system of the body, especially back pain 
  • Absence of on-the-job and off-the-job training, work experience and knowledge of the job.
  • The risk of musculoskeletal disorders especially back pain increases with:
  • Age
  • Number of years spent at work
  • Various physical abilities, capabilities and capacity such as height, strength and weight.
  • Manipulating smaller or less heavy cargo, goods, material, or loads for a prolonged time period coupled with no rest can cause muscle fatigue. A person with muscle fatigue finds even a light cargo, goods, material, or loads as heavy if one is made to handle it for a prolonged time which can lead to poor movements, musculoskeletal disorders and escalates the chances of injuries.
  • And, manual carrying and lifting of larger or heavier  cargo, goods, material, or loads, if such  cargo, goods, material, or loads suddenly hit the worker or a wall as a worker’s view is obstructed by large  cargo, goods, material, or loads, this can lead to severe injuries and some heavy damage. 

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