Powder Coated Cabin

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The cabin with powder coating is better when compared in terms of looks, aesthetics and performance against wet paint. It provides better prevention against chipping and scratching. This prevention is due to the fact that in the process of powder coating, with the help of thermal bonding, the MS sheets go through the rigorous process of curing as they can then stick to much thicker surfaces as well.

Apart from the rigidity and toughness provided by the powder-coated cabin, this cabin also provides excellent colour retention.

The process of powder coating the cabin is a job linked directly to precision. In this process, powder in a dry form is shot via gun (electrostatically charged) on the outer/exterior surface of the cabin walls.

The engineering behind the process is that the powder contains negative charges and the metal sheet is grounded thus acting as the natural attractive surface for the negatively charged powder particles coming directly from the electrostatic gun. This natural attraction between the powder and metal surface due to the electrostatic forces result in a more smooth, even, and faster application with a hairline finish.

Once the coated surface achieves the desired state in terms of thickness and finish, the part under the process is then placed in the oven for the thermal bonding mentioned before. This process is equally important as this defines the strength and durability of the powder-coated piece at the time of practical use in the plant/factories.

The use of CAD & CNC programming with the latest assembly and finishing techniques brought MAX Cabin designs to accuracy and quality for which our customers keep coming back to us.

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