Paneled Lifts

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Panelled lifts are a notch above our standard cabins. Panelling is an add-on to our standard lifts in terms of looks and aesthetics.In these types of lifts, you as a customer can go with Colour as per your choice and is also 100% customizable to meet your requirements. You can select any colour from...

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Stainless Steel Lift

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Stainless steel due to its unique properties is becoming more of a necessity than a requirement.We at MAX provide our customers the lift with stainless steel of the highest quality when it comes to Goods Lifts. Stainless Steel sheets can be opted on Floor/Roof/Walls/any combination of your choice.Wi...

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Two Side Open Lift

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With the simple concept of the requirement of more than 1 entry to the cabin, this type of lift came into existence.The requirement arises when the directions of the entry gate and exit gate to the lift are different when the lift goes from one floor to the another. In that scenario, this type of li...

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Car Lifts

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Max is a reliable name when it comes to Car Lift manufacturers and has vast experience in manufacturing car lifts to carry your highly-priced item safely. For commercial places, garages that can easily fit automobiles of different sizes, a Car Lift is a necessity. Our automotive lifts are strong, st...

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Perforated/Glass/Swing Gates

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We at MAX provide our customers with nearly all types of outer gates so as to improve their day-to-day operations in the factory. Customers can choose from the following 4 types: –Perforated: Good looking and opaque gateSwing door: Can be of glass, wood or SS as per your requirement (see-through/opa...

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Powder Coated Cabin

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The cabin with powder coating is better when compared in terms of looks, aesthetics and performance against wet paint. It provides better prevention against chipping and scratching. This prevention is due to the fact that in the process of powder coating, with the help of thermal bonding, the MS she...

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Extra Tall Cabin

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We at Max Lifts have a clear aim of fulfilling the 100% customisation promise to our customers. Therefore, to enable our customers to get maximum return out of their lifts, we also provide extra tall cabin up to 10 feet clear height so as to make stacking more products at one go possible.Also, if yo...

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