Stainless Steel Lift

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Stainless steel due to its unique properties is becoming more of a necessity than a requirement.

We at MAX provide our customers the lift with stainless steel of the highest quality when it comes to Goods Lifts. Stainless Steel sheets can be opted on Floor/Roof/Walls/any combination of your choice.

With over 8 possible combinations we are sure you will find the one which will fulfil your requirements.

  • Cabin looks and aesthetics rise to a new level
  • Must for Pharma & Food businesses
  • Must for chemical based industries

The Stainless steel cabin is a different and class apart addition to the production area. Stainless steel is proven to be one of the most flexible and versatile material to go for in any type of manufacturing.

Not only the Stainless Steel products look sleek and gorgeous but from engineering point of view, they have many advantages as well. To name a few:

Strength: The strength of the stainless steel is not only maintained at the room temperature but also at the very low and very high temperatures as well.

Cleanliness: Being described as one of the most hygienic materials, stainless steel prevents the growth of bacteria and other dangerous pathogens thus a must for food and pharma clients.

Low Maintenance: This material is easy to maintain as the cleaning time and cleaning procedure is quite low and simple respectively and thus becomes a clear choice for hospitals and kitchens.

Corrosion Resistance: Stainless Steel is anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-water stains, etc. Due to the following properties, many chemical based industries prefer this type of lift for the production area.

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