Two Side Open Lift

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With the simple concept of the requirement of more than 1 entry to the cabin, this type of lift came into existence.

The requirement arises when the directions of the entry gate and exit gate to the lift are different when the lift goes from one floor to the another. In that scenario, this type of lift is the best alternative for the customer. There are further 2 options to go for: –

Opposite sides

These lifts are immensely helpful in covering the driveway of your factory. With this, you need not take each and every material inside the factory to load the lift. Similarly, you can dispatch the good directly from any factory floor to outside the factory without disturbing the production of the ground floor.

You need not make a Platform / Ramp for a 3-foot height difference between the ground slab and driveway level if there is a basement in your factory. Our lift will stop separately at the driver-way level and ground floor.

This is also helpful if you expand and your new factory has a different floor height than the existing one. It can be placed sandwich between 2 factories.

Adjacent sides

This is the further improvisation in terms of entry to the cabin or the lift. This type of lift can open sideways beside the front that is at a right angle.

It is very helpful if you have a different layout of production machines on each floor and you can’t open from the front at any particular floor.

This lift is highly technical to manufacture. It requires high designing skills and a lot of site supervision. No one in the industry, even big names like Otis, Kone, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp etc will like to offer this type of lit and seriously avoid providing and manufacturing it thereby severely compromising the productivity of your factory.

CapacityMaximum7,500 Kg
Minimum500 Kg
Lift sizeMaximum4000 mm/12Ft.
Minimum800 mm/2.5 Ft.
Height of CabinMaximum2400 mm/8 Ft.
No. of Entries to CabinMaximum3
No. of LandingsMaximum8
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